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Reviews for River Bend Chiropractic Center

Dr. Stephanie cares for her patients as if they are family. She has adjusted me for the past 4 years including the months of my pregnancies. Dr. Stephanie also adjusted and cared for my 2 infant daughters during their difficult colic stages.

She has been a tremendous help to the three of us.

Shauna M.

Great office! Great Chiropractor!

The Richie family has been blessed for many years knowing and trusting our chiropractic care to Dr. Stephanie. She is not only talented but dedicated and caring. Her dedication has been displayed by meeting with patients after office hours, squeezing people into an overbooked schedule to alleviate emergency problems, and having a genuine interest in each patient. She takes the time to listen and focus her attention on each patient. She has without a doubt been a positive influence on the overall health and wellbeing of my entire family. RBCC’s supporting staff is professional, caring, friendly and helpful. Great office! Great Chiropractor!

The Richie Family

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